swiss quartz watch, no one knows, and they are expensive. But the watch industry is not born and raised in Switzerland. At the end of the 16th century, the French religious struggle led to a massacre. The Huguenots who followed Calvin fled to Switzerland and brought the technology of making watches. This combination of French craftsmanship and the local gold and silver jewellery industry has led to the Swiss watchmaking industry. It spreads out from Geneva, close to France, mainly to the northeast along the Jura Mountains, to Schaffhausen in the northeast, and blooms in the northern half of Switzerland.

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At the beginning of the watchmaking process, it was almost entirely manual. In 1845, with the watchmaking machinery, a large number of productions, the industry really became a modern industrial sector. In the following century, watch production has risen rapidly, with the highest annual output reaching 104 million, accounting for 40% of the world's total output, almost all of which are exported. Of the world's export watches, 7 out of every 10 are from Switzerland. Nevertheless, the Swiss watch industry has maintained a decentralized state of the handicraft industry for more than three centuries. Except for a few famous brand manufacturers, it has never been highly concentrated. Most manufacturers are small and medium-sized. In the face of the increasingly fierce competition in the world, the watchmaking industry raised funds to establish the Swiss Watchmaking Institute in 1921, and in 1962 set up an electronic watchmaking center, both of which are research and development institutions, all located in the city of Nassau. Before the mid-1970s, some new technologies first appeared in Switzerland. Among the earliest LCD digital display; the thinnest watch (thickness less than 1 mm); swiss hunter quartz watch, the body temperature battery in the strap. In the mid-1970s, it was caught up in places such as Japan and Hong Kong. One is to combine high-end watches with jewelry. After hard work and development, the Swiss watchmakers arrived in the 80s, they throw a series of cheap plastic quartz hand gauges, the earliest and most famous called Swatch. This is a self-made English word, the last five letters are "watches", and the first two letters are also the beginning letters of the English "Switzerland". The quartz machine is sealed in a plastic case, so it can't be repaired if it is broken, but it is not easy to break. You can walk for two or three years with a small battery. swiss mens quartz watch have achieved great success in the Western market. Switzerland has created countless amazing swiss sport quartz watch with time.