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Why is the process and time accuracy of the swiss mens quartz watch more accurate and better than ordinary quartz watches? After all, everyone is a physical oscillator. The reason is the quartz vibrator of the Swiss quartz watch, which is the internal crystal oscillator. A higher vibration frequency than a mechanical watch can be achieved. The vibration frequency that the mechanical watch can achieve is usually 3HZ or 4HZ (ie 21600vph or 28800vph). ), while the standard quartz watch has a vibration frequency of 32768HZ. This is 8,000-10,000 times the vibration frequency of the mechanical watch. We all know that the higher the frequency, the smaller the external influence and the higher the accuracy. This shows the process of the Swiss quartz watch. The daily difference within 10 seconds is better, and the daily difference within 30 seconds is normal. If you have authentication, you can reach the daily difference within 5 seconds. For swiss military mens quartz watch, the standard error is ±15 sec/month. So Swiss mens quartz watch can give us more accurate time.

swiss mens quartz watch Technology is more than just the appearance. The built-in machinery is also worthy of your in-depth understanding and exploration, while at the same time being simple yet without losing the core art.