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sporty quartz watch are generally equipped with a reversible clockwise bezel. In addition to the modern concept of decoration and symbolic sports life, the bead on the bezel and clear and easy-to-read numbers allow the wearer to be accurate during exercise or use. The adjustment of diving and exercise time is absolutely reliable. The outer ring only rotates in one direction, and even if it is accidentally rotated, the remaining movement time will only be shortened, and will not be extended to ensure safety.  As a sporty men quartz watch, the symbol of the bezel is like sports. The scientific design principle makes the bezel not a decoration. The design principle is close to the movement.  The scale is used to time, or to measure the dive time. You should use it for timing. I can tell you about the dive time. This is more complicated. Generally speaking, the diving watch that can rotate the bezel in both directions is unprofessional. Only the one-way rotating (counterclockwise) bezel is the diving chronograph. For example, if you want to dive, the oxygen cylinder is used for 15 minutes. The current time is 12:00, then all you have to do is turn the bezel scale to the "3" position (12:15) and then dive, when your minute hand is near to where you are indicating At the time, it means that you are not getting enough oxygen. In other words, if the minutes and the scales coincide, there is no oxygen. This is the strength of the Sporty quartz watch. Of course, sporty women quartz watch can't just have these. If you want to know more, please go to the sporty quartz watch official website for more information.