The best quartz watch in 18 ladies budget

quartz ladies watch can be divided into digital quartz electronic watch, pointer quartz watch, automatic quartz watch and light power quartz watch. Digital quartz ladies gold watch The combination of the piezoelectric effect of the quartz crystal and the bipolar tubular liquid crystal display is realized by electronic components. Pointer quartz ladies Watches The energy of the quartz watch comes from the silver oxide button cell. After the silver oxide button cell supplies a specific voltage to the integrated circuit, The quartz oscillator is oscillated by an oscillating circuit and a quartz resonator therein to form an oscillating circuit source. Alternate bidirectional pulse signals are formed to drive the stepper motor for intermittent rotation! The drive train is further driven to accurately display the time of the pointer. Automatic quartz silver ladies watch It combines the advantages of an automatic mechanical watch and a quartz watch. It does not require a battery and the wearer can choose to manually close or select automatic charging. The principle of operation is to use the dancing of the arm to drive the pendulum in the watch, generate energy, and push the internal micromotor into the energy. In order to provide sufficient power to the quartz device in the watch, excess power will be stored by the microcapacitor. Photodynamic quartz ladies bracelet watch Solar energy is converted into electrical energy by solar cells, and the electrical energy is stored in a recyclable titanium lithium ion rechargeable battery. And the electrical energy generated by the battery generates a pulse signal to the coil through the integrated circuit. And the magnetic force drives the stepper motor to push the gear to rotate and drive the pointer to indicate the time. After being fully charged, It can run for 40-180 days in the dark. Accurate walking time and rechargeable battery life of up to 10 years.


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